Back to Bodyweight

I’ve recently gotten back into doing more bodyweight exercises after spending a couple years lifting strictly barbells.
About 5 or 6 years ago I started using bodyweight movements after my back injury and had a great deal of success with them.
However, as we all do, as I became healthy again and my back no longer bothered me as much, I started to shy away from the bodyweight training and got back to the barbell.

Holding The Bar: The Overhand Grip

There are predominantly three types of grip to use in barbell exercises, most of these you’ll see specifically in the deadlift, however you’ll also see that people use one of these three when it comes to barbell rows and various carries such as the farmers carry. In this first of three posts I will talk about the overhand grip.

Exerise Made Simple

Beginning an exercise program or starting to exercise itself can be very daunting.

Much like looking at basic diet and nutrition, when it comes to exercise programs there are a great deal of options available.

And if you do not know where to start it can become very overwhelming very quickly.

What I will explain in this article is what I feel are most important when it comes to picking a training program

A Case For The Deadlift

Many people view the back squat as the go to exercise if you want to train the entire body in one movement.
I do believe that the back squat is invaluable, it is extremely important to have it in your training, however one big issue with the back squat is that you are able to hide imbalances, poor movement quality, and overall weaknesses.

Grease The Groove

The grease the groove method is an effective method of training in which you perform a specific exercise multiple times throughout the day.
This method, created by Pavel Tsatsualine, develops serious levels of strength in a particular movement in a relatively short amount of time.
The initial idea behind the grease the groove method developed for improvement of difficult movements such as one-arm push-ups one, one arm pull-ups, pistol squats, etc.
This can also be done as a way to practice and get better at relatively any particular movement..